Hi Temple Youth Group Board Members!

We hope that you all have had amazing summers!

With such a great year now behind us, we are so excited to begin this term with all of you. It is really important for both the local temple youth group (TYG) community and the greater region that we work together throughout the entire year. There is so much we can learn from one another to strengthen the Reform Jewish experiences we create for our peers and so keeping in touch with our networks will be a priority of ours. Whether it is working with you to design and implement truly innovative social justice, religious and culture programming, or thinking about how to reach new members, as the Regional Board we are excited to be your partner to help make this year as exciting as ever for NFTYites in the Northwest. We are all on our respective boards because we are passionate in some way about creating inclusive Jewish communities for our peers to be a part of. Let’s make this year special and one to remember by working together to maximize our potential and achieve more than ever.

We look forward to working with you!

With much love,
NFTY Northwest Regional Board

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