Blog  NFTY NW Programming Project 2020

NFTY NW Programming Project 2020

The NFTY Northwest Programming Project

Temple B’nai Torah – Bellevue, Washington

NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah – January 17-19, 2020/5780

The NFTY-NW Regional Board are excited to continue with the third year of The NFTY-NW Programming Project. This project is an opportunity for individuals from our region to explore their programming skills by writing a program with an opportunity to be run at a regional event. At the upcoming Winter Social Action Kallah, the chosen program will be run by its authors for the NFTY-NW community. Here are the rules of the project:


  1. Writer(s) must be a current member of NFTY-NW
  2. Writer(s) must have attended at least one NFTY-NW event
  3. Writer(s) must be planning to attend NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah 5780 (2020)
  4. The program must be written in NFTY Program Format (See Below)
  5. The program must be no shorter than 45 minutes and no longer than one hour
  6. The program must address and focus on the theme for The Programming Project (also see below)
  7. Participants may collaborate together on a program
  8. A participant may only submit one program where they are the sole writer
  9. The program must be submitted by the original author(s) of that program
  10. The program must be submitted by email to,, and


This year, the theme is “Kef v’Ruach- Fun and Spirit”. Participants in the Project are
asked to write a program that highlights the heart of NFTY events: fun and spirit. While the programs should focus on fun and spirit within NFTY, their specific subject matter may cover anything. The programs submitted may require materials such as food or something that must be bought specifically for the program.


Because NFTY is a North American movement, it is important to have consistency in its programming, so individuals can learn from each other’s programs. Thus, NFTY has an official Program Format in which all of its programs are written. It can be found on the NFTY website here. Here is a link to another resource that was written by Evan Lorant, the NFTY-NW Regional Programming VP. If you have any questions about program format, please do not hesitate to reach out to Evan at A sample program is also attached here.


All programs must be submitted by Friday, December 27, 2019.

The winner will be informed of their program selection by Sunday, January 5, 2020.

I am so excited to see the amazing work that the members of our community create. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or any of the other members of the regional board. I encourage you to write a program even if you have never written one before because it might be exactly the program our region needs right now. All programs, even if they are not chosen, will receive feedback so this is an excellent opportunity to improve your programming skills. Happy programming!


Evan Lorant NFTY-NW Programming Vice President and The NFTY-NW Regional Board

Download a PDF of this document here