Blog  NFTY-Northwest Fall Kallah 2018 Shofar

NFTY-Northwest Fall Kallah 2018 Shofar

The Shofar is the NFTY-NW publication that is read after every event. It highlights the unique participants in our region, all the amazing opportunities they have at events, as well as experiences they have within and without NFTY and their Jewish life as a whole. This year we have transitioned into a digital Shofar to save paper and to open it up to participants unable to attend each event. Happy reading!

This issue of The Shofar is centered around our event theme – Wellness.  The regional board wanted to highlight that each individual is what makes NFTY such a special place. We know that if our members are not healthy, then the region isn’t healthy.  We hope this edition of the Shofar brings you a little happiness and peace, tranquility and reminding you that we are a supportive community.

NFTY – Northwest Fall Kallah 2018 Shofar: Wellness