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NFTY- Northwest Cabinet Application

We are lucky to have so many great leaders in NFTY- Northwest! We want to pursue personal growth and youth empowerment through teen-powered engagement. We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to lead. If you love NFTY and are committed to making it better, there is no better opportunity to make a positive impact then to take a leadership role. Being on Cabinet gives everyone the chance to help shape our region. Stepping up and committing to a position will help you develop leadership skills, communication, work ethic, creativity and so much more. After compiling and debriefing years of feedback, the Regional Board has spent the summer re-visioning NFTY- Northwest’s Cabinet. They have intentionally set up structures to make Cabinet members more utilized and valued than they have been. Thank you so much for your commitment to NFTY- NW and I hope you decide to make the amazing choice to help lead our community.

Before filling out the application, please take a moment to read the following NFTY- Northwest Cabinet expectations, as well as, the descriptions and duties of each position below.

NFTY-Northwest Regional Cabinet Application 2018

Cabinet Position Descriptions and Duties

It shall be the duty of all NFTY- Northwest Regional Cabinet members:

  • To attend all NFTY-NW Regional events.
  • To submit registration for events on time, and to meet all programming deadlines.
  • To communicate with their designated Regional Board Member on a regular basis.
  • To actively encourage attendance at NFTY-NW Regional Events by attending TYG events, completing calls, participating in social media, and anything else deemed necessary.
  • To serve as role models for all members of NFTY on a local, regional, and North American level, and to appropriately represent NFTY-NW to others.
  • To strengthen and develop leadership within the Region.
  • To serve as a liaison between youth and adult leadership.
  • To support their fellow cabinet members.
  • To act as a resource to their successor following their term
  • To display exemplary behavior and leadership skills at each event.
  • To work to create and strengthen the Pacific Northwest Jewish Youth Community

Head Song Leader

Regional Photographer

Regional Mitzvah Box Manager

Regional Constitution Chair

Regional Israel Chair

Regional Shuk Manager

TYG Outreach Chair

Unaffiliated Chair

Community Engagement Chair

Regional Inclusion Chair