Blog  Meet the NFTY-NW Regional Board Candidates 2018-2019

Meet the NFTY-NW Regional Board Candidates 2018-2019

Every year at NFTY-NW Spring Kallah, we hold our Regional Board elections.  Everyone who attends Spring Kallah’s add-on, Asefah and Elections, will have the opportunity to help elect next year’s board.  We are proud to present the dedicated, brave, and capable NFTYites who are running for 2018-2019 NFTY-NW regional board. Each candidate has been asked to submit a letter of intent which you can read below.

Candidates for President

Amalya Benhaim

I’m Amalya – lover of smashed potatoes, music, and Netflix. Life outside NFTY finds me at the theater. I love people – if I see you, I’ll probably hug you. I’m an out-of-the-box thinker passionate about exploring different aspects of myself and others as we navigate who we are and stretch our capabilities to live fully. As TDSY’s PVP, member of NW’s 678 committee, and a previous Mechina and Kutz participant, I’ve learned much about myself and our region. I’ve grown within NFTY and learned how special you are to me. I cannot wait to see where this year leads us!

Read Amalya’s Letter of Intent

Read Amalya’s Short Answers


Claire Frankel

Hi NFTY NW! I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to run as your President for the 5778-5779 year. NFTY has been such an important part of my life for the last three years and I am thrilled to be able to give back to the community that has provided me with so much.

My qualifications are as follows:

  • President of TSY, 2017-2018
  • Founding member of the TSY
  • Active NFTY member, 2015-2018
  • URJ Camp Kalsman Participant (7 years)
  • URJ Mitzvah Corps Participant, summer 2017
  • Deli associate at Stongs grocery store, 2017
  • Math, English, and French tutor, 2016-2018
  • Student council, 2015-2018

Read Claire’s Letter of Intent

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Candidates for Programming Vice President

Bryce Harnick

Bryce Harnick is currently a sophomore at The Overlake School. Other than spending his time with NFTY, he works on his lighting design for his school’s theater department. This is one of his greatest passions and he would love to continue it later in life. Bryce also has an interest in chemistry and is still looking for ways to combine that and lighting design. He happily sings in his school’s chamber choir and plays piano. He loves talking to people, so feel free to start up a conversation or just wave if see him!

Read Bryce’s Letter of Intent

Read Bryce’s Short Answers


Candidates for Social Action Vice President

Quinton Braziller


My name is Quinton Braziller. I love science, running, reading and exploring the outdoors. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to run as SAVP in 5778-5779. NFTY has been such an important part of my life and I’m thrilled to be able to give back to the community that has given me so much. My qualifications are as follows:

  •  SAVP of TSY, 2017-2018.
  • Founding member of the TSY board.
  • Attended URJ Camp Kalsman.
  • Attended NFTY events for the past three years.
  • Over 80 hours logged at the Vancouver Aquarium.
  • 75 hours logged volunteering at an urban vegetable farm.

Read Quinton’s Letter of Intent

Read Quinton’s Short Answers


Danielle Topaz

Hi Everyone! My name is Danielle Topaz and I am currently a sophomore at Redmond High School. I am the SAVP of TDSY and New Member Chair of both NFTY-NW and the 678 board. In my free time I play golf, I’m a hadracha at Temple Di Hirsh Sinai, and I’m on the Eastside relay for life committee. I plan on encouraging a new format for SAVPs programs in the region, experimenting with different types of social action, and creating a region wide definition for Social Action in NFTY-NW. I’m looking forward to implementing my ideas into our NFTY-NW community!

Read Danielle’s Letter of Intent

Read Danielle’s Short Answers


Candidates for Religious and Cultural Vice President

Jonah Silverstein

Jonah Silverstein lives in Seattle and is currently a Junior at Garfield High School. He is an energetic member of Congregation Beth Shalom. He loves art and history at school and is currently doing dual enrollment at the local community college. Outside of school, his hobbies include drawing, painting, hiking, skiing, frisbee, and most of all sleeping. He has gone to NFTY-NW and Camp Kalsman for the past several years and hopes to be a better leader in the Jewish community in the future.

Read Jonah’s Letter of Intent

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Vered Siroka

Shalom, NFTY-NW! My name is Vered Siroka! Outside of NFTY you can find me on the stage at my school or Seattle Children’s Theater. Some of my favorite shows include “West Side Story” and “Falsettos”. When I have the time, I enjoy being with friends and watching “Law and Order”. One day, I hope to be on Broadway or work as a dolphin trainer at an aquarium! Over past summers, I have attended URJ OSRUI as a camper but I hope to find a home at Camp Kalsman either as a CIT or as a counselor later on. But overall, I’m so happy to call NFTY-NW my home!

Read Vered’s Letter of Intent

Read Vered’s Short Answers

Paige Welikson

Hi NW! My name is Paige Welikson and I’m running for RCVP for the 5778/5779 year. I’m 16 years old and a Sophomore at Uprep, in North Seattle. I’ve been on BATY board for two years, currently as an RC. I’m also on NW cabinet as a regional photographer. I was a camper at URJ Camp Kalsman for seven years, I went to Costa Rica with Mitzvah corps last summer, and helped start Jewish culture club at my school. Some other  important things to know about me: I love photography, grilled cheese, Frank Ocean, New York City, and Seinfeld.

Read Paige’s Letter of Intent

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Candidates for Membership Vice President

Michael Bryan

Michael Bryan is junior at Ballard High School and lives in Seattle, Washington. As an unaffiliated member of NFTY, Michael is currently a co-unaffiliated inclusion chair in this year’s cabinet. Also, Michael has previously gone to Camp Kalsman for 10 years and adventured in Israel with NFTY. In life outside of NFTY, Michael is a Cancer and a ENFJ. To enrich the life of others, he creates actually funny puns. In his spare time, he volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium and scours the internet for spicy memes.

Read Michael’s Letter of Intent

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Arthur Feidelson

Hey All! I’m Arthur Feidelson, a proud Portlander and NFTYite,

If you haven’t heard, I am from Portland – born and raised. Being the son of Jews, I have grown up well, being Jewish. Much of my life has been spent at my congregation in downtown PDX, Congregation Beth Israel, learning what it means to be Jewish, practicing Torah, and now have the privilege of preparing students for their B’nai Mitzvot. I’ve also been singing in a choir and playing piano for my entire existence. Thus, Judaism and music are two of the most important and defining characteristics of my life.

Read Arthur’s Letter of Intent

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Zane Harbison

I play the bagpipes, run track & cross-country, and am a dedicated student with an appreciation for writing and STEM. This year, I served on NFTY- Northwest’s regional board as CVP. I learned about the inner workings of NFTY and the work that goes into planning events. Regional board has also helped me discover my true passion for NFTY — the community. Being from Idaho, I’ve experienced the community from a different point of view; the distance between Seattle and Boise has cultivated a unique Jewish identity among Boise’s teens, and I love sharing our Boise vibe with the greater NFTY- Northwest community.

Read Zane’s Letter of Intent

Read Zane’s Short Answers


Candidates for Communications Vice President

Sam Hirsch

My name is Sam Hirsch, I am a junior at The Overlake School in Seattle, WA, and I am running to be the NFTY-NW CVP for the 2018-2019 year. Since becoming a part of NFTY at my 8th grade spring, I have found a community where I am able to be myself and have grown as both an individual and a leader. I had the opportunity to serve as the TDSY CVP and a NFTY-NW Regional Photographer this year, which has helped me to grow as a leader and a communicator, and I hope for the opportunity to take this one step further this coming year. I have a strong interest in photography and journalism, and being a CVP gives me a chance to give these passions, in addition to my leadership and creativity skills, back to the NFTY community. I think that keeping NFTYites well informed and spreading information about events well in advance on a variety of platforms will help to increase participation, and therefore the amount of fun! I hope that I can continue my growth within the community, and that you will consider me as your CVP.

Read Sam’s Letter of Intent

Read Sam’s Short Answers

Evan Lorant

Evan is very excited to announce his candidacy for your CVP! Evan is 16 years old and wants to make a positive impact on the NFTY community. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix, writing, and doing puzzles. Evan has been to all of the events he’s been eligible to go to and enjoyed it all. He thinks that everyone deserves to feel welcome at NFTY and that they should try to educate themselves on topics that concern them (including elections). If you have any questions about my platform or just want to chat,  contact me at I look forward to Spring when we are all back home!

Read Evan’s Letter of Intent

Read Evan’s Short Answers


Candidates for Financial Vice President

Gabi Kadish

Hi, I’m Gabi Kadish and I’m running to be your next FVP. I’m currently a sophomore at Skyline High School and the MFVP for TDSY. Some fun facts about me include… I tell people I’m tri-lingual even though I’m terrible at 2/3 of those languages, once I killed my friends fish, I went to JDS for 9 years, I’ve donated my hair twice and for my bat mitzvah project I raised over $10,000. I love NFTY NW with all my heart and it would be such an honor to have the opportunity to serve as your next FVP.

Read Gabi’s Letter of Intent

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