Blog  NFTY NW Stands For GVP!

NFTY NW Stands For GVP!

As Reform Jewish youth, we are committed to building inclusive communities, repairing the world, and pursuing justice. Our work is just beginning. We want our elected officials to introduce legislation that implements universal background checks and bans both assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines.

Click on the link below to watch NFTY-NW Social Action Vice President talk about her experience with March For Our Lives- Seattle. Below, read a speech she gave at the School Walk- Out.

Watch NFTY-NW March For Our Lives- Seattle

“Hello! My name is Shira Lyss-Loren.  I am a junior at The Bush School. I am part of a Reform Jewish Youth Movement called NFTY.  On Wednesday, February 14th my youth group community was shattered. As a community we were shocked, devastated, and heartbroken. I have used my Jewish values to guide my social activism.  There is a 2000 year old Jewish teaching that says “You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.” You and I are not obligated to completely eliminate gun related deaths, but neither are we free to remain silent.  My Jewish community refuses to be broken by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. Instead we stand up, stand tall, and stand together. We read in the Torah that “thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor”. I refuse to stand idly by as my NFTY community mourns the loss of another high school student. We will not stand idly by as more children are murdered.  This is our time to DEMAND change from our lawmakers.  Action from our public officials. Next November, many of us will be 18.  Lawmakers, if you do not take a stand, the bloodshed – the very lives – of the thousands of children killed by gun violence is on your hands. And on your conscience. Either you stand with us, or we will vote you out. Our community cannot, should not, and will not be another statistic.
Enough was enough 7000 children’s lives ago.  Now it’s time to get angry, get loud, and ensure our voices and our votes are heard.”- NFTY-NW SAVP Shira Lyss-Loren

Check out NFTY-NW walking in the March For Our Lives marches in Seattle and even Washington D.C.