Blog  NFTY NW Regional Board Elections 5778-5779

NFTY NW Regional Board Elections 5778-5779

A letter from the NFTY-NW President about running for regional board:

Dear Northwest,

You are my second home. I knew this from the minute I walked through the doors at my first event. The people I have met here have inspired me, empowered me, and truly changed my life. From that first event on, I always knew that one day I wanted to create that community for the others around me.

Fast forward to now (and three elections later), I have been honored to serve you for not only one, but two years on Regional Board. And oh boy, has it been the craziest, scariest, and most amazing two years with you. This region has given me all I could have ask for and more.

NFTY’s teen leadership structure is built on generation leadership, meaning that the term of each board only lasts a year. Not very long, right? You must look to those who came before you, always keeping in mind those who will come after you. One foot in the past, one foot in the future. The community my freshman year wasn’t building NFTY for themselves, they were building NFTY for me. I will not get to see the outcome of most of the work I have done this year, but it’s the people that will come after me that will carry on the community I was given at my first event, and that I will give away this year as my time in Northwest comes to a close.

Running for Regional Board and serving your community is most selfless decision you can make with your time in Northwest. If elected, this next year will be trying, but it will also be the most fulfilling experience you have ever had. I won’t sugar coat it, this is the hardest thing I have ever done… and I wouldn’t trade even a second of if for the world.

If you choose to run, you will have many conversations with many different people between now and Spring Kallah, so I’ll leave you with this:

“It is not the position that honors the person, but rather the person that honors the position.”

This line from the Talmud abodies what we stand for as a teen-driven movement. Most candidates attribute their decision to run to wanting to give back to this community, but often we forget this when getting caught up in the excitement of elections. As you begin this holy process, remember why you chose to do this. This is an extremely difficult and each and every one of you has my utmost respect. I wish all the best of luck.

B’ahavah (with love),

Lila Greene

NFTY-NW Regional President 5777-8



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