Blog  The Northwest Programming Project 2018

The Northwest Programming Project 2018

The NFTY Northwest Programming Project

Congregation Beth Israel – Bellingham, Washington

NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah – February 2nd through 4th, 2018/5778

Welcome to the inaugural year of the NFTY Northwest Programming Project! We are so excited that you have shown interest in participating. This project was created to assist you developing your leadership skills, help you achieve your goals, and to bring out the programmer in each and every one of you! Our goal is to ensure every participant has the chance to utilize the skills taught to them through their time in NFTY. It is for every level of experience and we especially encourage those first time programmers to join us! First and foremost, this is an opportunity to get advice on a program of your choice. Who knows, maybe yours will be the program chosen to be recognized at Winter Social Action Kallah the February! We can’t wait to read a program from every single one of you and see you in Bellingham! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Mae Lederman, Lila Greene, or Abbey Bell.


  1. Writer(s) must be a current member of NFTY-NW.
  2. Writer(s) must have attended at least one NFTY-NW event.
  3. Writer(s) must be planning to attend NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah 5778.
  4. The program must be submitted four weeks prior to WSAK by email to
  5. The program must be written in NFTY’s Official Program Format.
  6. The program must adhere to all time and budget constraints set by the Regional Board.
  7. The program must utilize the theme decided upon by the Regional Board.
  8. Participants may collaborate on a program together.
  9. The program must be submitted by the writer(s) of said program.

*IMPORTANT* While participants may collaborate on more than one program, you may only submit ONE program where you are the sole writer. You may have already written the program you choose to submit and it may have been run before, but it may not have been run for NFTY-NW participants. For example, a regional program you contributed to or a program from Tri Temple Shul-in. If a program as multiple authors, every person involved in its creation must agree to its submission.


  • Information, Questions, and “How to use Program Format” Call: TBD
  • Submission Date: JANUARY 12th
  • Recognition Date: JANUARY 17th


Please color your program to fit our 5778 Programming Project theme:  The unification of a community in times of difficulty. We would like the program to be active, engaging and involve movement!


One very important way to connect your program to the theme and Judaism is through the touchstone text. A touchstone text is one of the most important parts of your program. It helps guide you through each step and ensures that the program ends with the completion of your goals and objectives. This passage is typically from a Jewish text and is 1-2 sentences long.

(Ex: If a program theme was Success

Touchstone Text: “according to the effort is the reward.” – Ben Hei Hei, Ethics of the Fathers, 5:26.

Ex: If the theme were Self-Love

Touchstone Text: “I’m perfect the way I am and a little broken, too.” — Asher Yatzar adaptation by Dan Nichols)


Time: the program must fill the hour and a half time slot.

Budget: the program must cost no more that $50 to run.


NFTY-NW Programming Vice President, Mae Lederman: Email Mae

NFTY-NW President, Lila Greene: Email Lila

NFTY-NW Regional Advisor, Abbey Bell: Email Abbey

NFTY’s Official Programming Format Guide by Mae Lederman

Sample Program by Mae Lederman

Programming Resources from NFTY

Programming Format Template