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  • Regional Board Elections 2020

    NFTY NW Regional Elections will take place on Friday morning, April 17, 2020 at URJ Camp Kalsman. If you are interested in making a direct impact on how our region is run, what programs are implemented and holding an elected leadership role within NFTY-NW, please review the elections packet below. B’hatzlacha, Good Luck! 2020-2021 NW

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  • NFTY NW Programming Project 2020

    The NFTY Northwest Programming Project Temple B’nai Torah – Bellevue, Washington NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah – January 17-19, 2020/5780 The NFTY-NW Regional Board are excited to continue with the third year of The NFTY-NW Programming Project. This project is an opportunity for individuals from our region to explore their programming skills by writing a

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