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  • NFTY- Northwest Cabinet Application

    We are lucky to have so many great leaders in NFTY- Northwest! We want to pursue personal growth and youth empowerment through teen-powered engagement. We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to lead. If you love NFTY and are committed to making it better, there is no better opportunity to make a positive impact then to take a leadership role.

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  • Meet the NFTY-NW Regional Board Candidates 2018-2019

    Every year at NFTY-NW Spring Kallah, we hold our Regional Board elections.  Everyone who attends Spring Kallah’s add-on, Asefah and Elections, will have the opportunity to help elect next year’s board.  We are proud to present the dedicated, brave, and capable NFTYites who are running for 2018-2019 NFTY-NW regional board.

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